"Together We Can" ~ est. 1957
In-Kind Gifts

Nurse / Nurse:

  • 2 IPads or Tablets - Would be very useful with tracking and researching for meds. Would also help us record information from people at camper and employment fairs.
  • 3 New Desktop Computers and 1 New Laptop - getting updated computers would allow us to complete office and program prep task in a more timely fashion.


  • Repair Tractor and or buy new / gently used tractor - Needed for camper hayrides and general maintenance.
  • Repair Gator and or buy new / gently used gator - Needed for delivering camper luggage and general maintenance.
  • Now or gently used golf cart - Needed for the nurse to get to campers quickly and camp tours.
  • Paint Supplies: Such as paint brushes, paint rollers, paint roller extenders and painters tape.
  • Plastic fencing - To replace our fence at the high ropes course. 

Kitchen: We are always cooking for 100 plus people. we need good working equipment Specifically:

  • New Commercial Outdoor Grill
  • New Commercial Refrigerator

Program: We are always in need of more program supplies. Having a wide variety of program supplies makes camp fun.

  • Craft Supplies - Cryons, markers, color pencils, tempera paint, yarn, pony beeds, glitter, pom poms, feathers, cotton balls, googly eyes, elmers glue, tacky glue, mod podge, liquid starch, copy paper​, construction paper , wax paper, colored tissue paper, white t-shirts for tie-dye, and Rubbermaid/steralite totes with lids.
  • Games – lawn games, tabletop games, giant size games and card games.
  • Sports Equipment – basketball, nerf balls, gator skin balls and a parachute.

​Equestrian Supplies: Our equestrian center has been a very popular program since it opened. Some of our equipment is starting to wear.

We need New or gently used Kids Saddles, Bridles, Saddle Pads and Halters.

​Facilities: ​Built In 1975 interior renovations needed for more accessibility.

  • New Cabins - Would house 4-6 people. The cabins would be more wheelchairs accessible and have room for indoor activities during rainy days.
  • Expand Dining Hall - Expanding the Dining Hall would allow us to accommodate more people during meals and activities.
  • Laundry Houses - Washers and dryers, 2x4's, plywood, nails, screws, cement, plumbing and money to put towards the rooms. Camp is a place to get messy and have fun. Our washer and dryers get overworked with soiled clothing and linens.
  • Sensory Room - A sensory room is extremely therapeutic for both children and adults with sensory processing disorders.

​To Give A In-Kind Donation Call Kyle 1 -313-418-8385.