we are hiring Respite Staff for Fall/Winter! SUMMER 2023 APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED!

With the shared experience of working at camp you will form lifelong friendships with those who live in Michigan and around the world.
Working at camp will allow you to strengthen your teamwork, communication, leadership, creativity, and decision-making skills. 

Genuine Connection ~ Make a Difference ~  Have Fun ~ Gain Skills ~ Learn Something New ~ Be A Role Model

Don't take our word for it.....find out what past staff say

Name: Anne Graham
Summer: 2011 - Lifeguard, 2012
Current School/Career: UofM Health System preschool teacher
Favorite Camp Memory: All the evening programs and chatting & joking with campers.
How has working at camp impacted your career/life: Camp has helped me grow my patience so that now I can work well with the kids in my class. My colleagues have often commented on how well I approach situations when kids were experiencing some big feelings. Camp has also helped me embrace the silly and fun in my classroom - those silly camp songs do come in handy some days!
Name: Nicole Lingnau
Summer: 2015 - Lead Cabin Counselor, 2016 - 1:1/Float Counselor, 2017 to present - Summer Administrator
Current School/Career: Special Education Paraprofessional
Favorite Camp Memory: I have many amazing memories from camp but they all include the growth of our campers.
How has working at camp impacted your career/life: Working at camp gave me the patience I was lacking, experience taking care of others, and the ability to adapt anything to meet the needs of most people.
Name: James "Jimmy" Nuse
Summer: 2012 - Lead Cabin Counselor
Current School/Career: Special Education Director for Ionia Schools
Favorite Camp Memory: All of the campouts (and meeting my amazing wife, Danielle!)
How has working at camp impacted your career/life: Camp gave me first-hand experience working with children and adults with unique needs; it solidified my passion for special education and reaffirmed my decision to work with kids.

Cabin Couseling & Program Staff

Summer Camp ~ Weekend Respite Camp ~ Fall Camp ~ Winter Camp
 The Fowler Center staff members are friends and family to our campers as well as professional caregivers and group leaders. If you are looking for a place where you can make a difference and impact people’s lives, consider joining our team!

The Fowler Center recruits summer or year-round staff from colleges and universities around the country where many staff are studying special education or education, therapeutic recreation, or related fields. The Center also utilizes international exchange programs to bring summer staff from other countries, adding a dynamic world flavor to camp. The Fowler Center is a year-round facility with full-time summer employment and volunteer opportunities, as well as part-time spring, fall, and winter employment opportunities. Many staff members have gone on from The Fowler Center to pursue professions in some of the following fields: education, social work, occupational, physical and recreational therapy, special education, nursing and medicine, psychology, and other related human service professions. For more information, email lseeloff@mchsmi.org.

Internships & Fieldwork: It is possible to gain college credit or fieldwork hours from work experience at camp. Internships at The Fowler Center can also be set up in several different fields including therapeutic recreation, outdoor education, and parks and recreation management. Contact the camp office or your academic advisor for details. For more information, email lseeloff@mchsmi.org

Respite Cabin Counselor
Respite weekends are an opportunity for campers to make friends, participate in new and different outdoor activities all while learning and expanding on their own creativity, problem solving, and life skills. It gives families and caregivers a break as well.

As a cabin counselor, you will work with 2-4 other counselors to ensure all needs of campers in the cabin are met. You will spend the day with your cabin group caring for campers needs and and helping campers engage in activities throughout the day. You will also be living in the cabin with the campers. For more information on weekend respite camps and future respite dates, click here

Summer Camp 2023 Positions -
Read here to find out more about each position!
  • Head Counselor
  • Lead Counselors
  • Cabin Counselors
  • Float Counselors
  • Program Instructors
    • Creative Arts
    • Challenge Facilitators
    • Lifeguards
    • Sports & Recreation
    • Nature & Garden Activities

Group Event Program Staff

The Fowler Center offers group events and facility rentals on a year round basis. Group Events Program Staff are responsible for preparing and implementing activities chosen by the groups we serve and adapting these activities to the needs of the specific group. Activities include: Challenge Education, Creative Arts, Equestrian, Waterfront, Sports and Recreation, Barnyard and Garden, and Outdoor Education. The Group Events Program Staff is also a very important customer service position, as they also assist in preparing the cabins for groups, transporting luggage and orienting groups to the cabin and grounds, and answering any questions group members may have. Staff are scheduled to work by group, which may include only day visits or overnight/weekend visits. Staff meals are provided by the Fowler Center, and overnight accommodations are available but staying on-site overnight is not mandatory. Individuals interested in these positions should email our Program Director, Lillia Sheline,  lsheline@mchsmi.org.

Open Positions:
  • (Contingent) Group Event Program Staff- Lifeguards, Challenge Facilitators, Activity Staff

Support Staff

Food Service Supervisor- The Food Service Supervisor will oversee the kitchen operations and staff during our summer camp program. This will include ordering, scheduling, staff supervision, inventory, ensure preparation for inspections, and some menu creation. The Food Service Supervisor should be comfortable with adapting menus to individuals with dietary allergies. This position is currently seasonal. Full time. Starts Immediately.

Cook - Our cooks provide high quality meals and snacks to all campers and staff of TFC during camp programs. Cooks will also maintain all sanitation, preparation, and serving directives set by the ServSafe standards. Must be able to follow directives from the Food Service Supervisor and work in a positive manner with all colleagues/volunteers. The cooks will work directly with Kitchen Aides and will assign tasks as needed. This positions is seasonal. Approx 30 hours/week starting mid May - August 19, 2022. Contingent hours available  remainder of year.

Kitchen Aide - Our Kitchen Aides assist the cook with the preparation and serving of camp meals. Kitchen Aide duties include prepping food under guidance of cook, putting away deliveries, rotating stock, setting tables, dishwashing, sweeping/mopping, wiping tables, etc. This position is seasonal. Approx 15-20 hours/week starting mid May - August 19, 2022. Contingent hours available remainder of year.

If you are interested in joining our Kitchen TEAM click here