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Registration is open for Summer Camp

Registration for Fall Camp, Fall Respites, and Winter Camp will open August 1, 2022.
Notes for 2022 Registration.....
  • Adult Programs will start at age 18.
  • We have continued with a lower capacity of camp for Summer 2022. Summer Sessions are limited to 1 per camper until March 1, 2022.
  • Our age breakdowns for our August youth sessions have changed to help provide the best experience for your camper.
  • Please double check the level of care your camper needs and the eligibility requirements of the session. All of our sessions are not the same need level.
Our cloud based platform allows you to have more control over your account including making multiple payments for camp, seeing your current balance, changing information on camper forms as needed throughout the year, and more.

Please note, allow yourself time to “enroll” in camp programs as you will need to fill out/review the camper profile to do so. You will be enrolled in programs until your profile and selection(s) have been approved by administration and a deposit has been made or CMH funding info given on profile. At this point your selection will be labeled "INCOMPLETE". Once approved you will be switched to “REGISTERED” in the system and receive your confirmation.
  1. Refer to our program drop down tab to find the session right for your camper.
  2. Create a user account online complete with guardian, camper, emergency contact, and billing contact information.
  3. "ENROLL" your camper in a session(s) and fill out required camper profile.
  4. Put down the required 25% deposit, make all checks payable to "MCHS" (no deposit required if you are funded by an agency).
Once the above has been completed it will be reviewed by administration to ensure the proper placement of your camper. This may take up to 10 business days. Once confirmed your camper will be "REGISTERED" and you will receive a confirmation email.

INCOMPLETE vs. REGISTERED: Enrolled simply means that you have selected a session for your camper to attend. You may or may not have finished the required paperwork and made a deposit. Once you have selected a session, completed the profile, and made a 25% deposit (excludes those funded) only then will your request be reviewed by administration. Once administration approves your request it will be switched to registered and you will receive a confirmation email.