"Together We Can" ~ est. 1957
The Board of Directors

Current Board Members

Founder (1921-2012)
Dr. John S. Fowler

C. Kenneth Perry, Jr. J.D.
Vice President
Megan Barton
Michael Higgs
David R. Offerman

Jacques Cyr

Katie Cyr
Kristen M. Perry

Matthew D Peters
Patricia Shafer


The Fowler Center for Outdoor Learning is Incorporated. This means that our camp does not have a single owner. We are governed by a Board of Directors. These individuals are a group of volunteers who have a variety of expertise and knowledge that aides us in fulfilling our mission. Board members meet quarterly with the Executive Director to discuss the current situation of camp and to provide guidance and advice on issues pertaining to finances, health and safety, liability, programming for individuals with disabilities, fundraising, and more. Board members also sit on committees that may meet more frequently for the specific needs/interests of camp.

Every September the Board of Directors puts on a fundraiser for camp in the Detroit area. For more information on this event please visit our Upcoming Fundraisers page.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in becoming a board member you can email renee.deroche@thefowlercenter.org