"Camp taught me what college didn't."

- Katie Morton (summer staff '99), current Special Education Teacher

"They are still some of my favorite and most cherished times of my life."

- Rebecca "Gerb" Whitson (summer '98-'01, 2006), owner The Mix

"Camp taught me a lot about patience, the importance of positivity, and teamwork."

- Cecilia Ware, MSW (summer 2017), Social Worker

The Benefits of Working at Summer Camp

In order to provide the best experience for our campers we know that we need to provide the best experience for our staff.
As part of our camp family we want you to feel welcome, prepared, and valued.

Competitive Wages ~ Weekends Off ~ Staff Trips ~ Lifelong Friendships

Our MCHS Family Of Services Core Values

  1. Celebrate the worth, diversity, and dignity of every youth and family. With courage and integrity, we embrace and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of every individual, treating all families with love and respect. 
  2. Work collectively together and through partnerships to provide the best care possible. Through consummate teamwork and strategic partners in the community, we ensure our youth and families receive the best programs and services possible. 
  3. Give voice to our youth and families who do not have a voice. We advocate tirelessly on behalf of our youth and families in the public, private, and political sector to ensure their voices are heard. 
  4. Commit to results. Through research, data, and experiences, we use innovative practices to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the youth and families we serve. 
  5. Make a positive impact on our communities. By transforming the lives of our youth and their families, we strive to make our communities healthier, stronger, and better for future generations. 

Camp is Family...

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our past staff have to say...

Nicole Lingnau

Summer: 2015- Lead Counselor, 2016- Float Counselor, 2017 to present - Summer Administrator
Current School/Career: Special Education Paraprofessional
Favorite Camp Memory: I have many amazing memories from camp but they all include the growth of our campers.
How has working at camp impacted your career/life: Working at camp gave me the patience I was lacking, experience taking care of others, and the ability to adapt anything to meet the needs of most people.

Anne Graham

Summer: 2011 & 2012 - Lifeguard
Current School/Career: UofM Health System preschool teacher
Favorite Camp Memory: All the evening programs and chatting & joking with campers.
How has working at camp impacted your career/life: Camp has helped me grow my patience so that now I can work well with the kids in my class. My colleagues have often commented on how well I approach situations when kids were experiencing some big feelings. Camp has also helped me embrace the silly and fun in my classroom - those silly camp songs do come in handy some days!

James "Jimmy" Nuse

Summer: 2012 - Lead Cabin Counselor
Current School/Career: Special Education Director for Ionia Schools
Favorite Camp Memory: All of the campouts (and meeting my amazing wife, Danielle!)
How has working at camp impacted your career/life: Camp gave me first-hand experience working with children and adults with unique needs; it solidified my passion for special education and reaffirmed my decision to work with kids.

Gillian Kernan (Barr)

Summer: 2006 - Cabin Counselor, International Staff through Camp Leaders
Current School/Career: Nurse - NHS
Favorite Camp Memory: July 4th parade, mock wedding, mock rock, Pickle Party, HAYRIDE....there are too many to count.
How has working at camp impacted your career/life: Camp taught me that it's not hard work when you are having fun, that people are amazing, and that we can do anything as long as we have a friend to lean on. I remain in regular contact with different groups of my camp friends. These people now my soul and I am thankful every day for them. I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I didn't have other responsibilities.