free ways to help camp

#1 - Always have a supply of camp brochures on hand.

Be sure to give them out when you see anyone that could benefit coming to The Fowler Center. Explain to them how camp changed your life, and tell them you’d love for them to have the same experience.  Leave them on information tables or displays at your place of worship, local school, community center and anywhere else you can think of! Click here to request brochures.

#2 - Always have a supply of staff recruitment flyers for the camp on hand.

#3 - Clean your house and gather items in good or excellent condition that would help camp.

Craft Supplies - Cryons, markers, color pencils, tempera paint, yarn, pony beeds, glitter, pom poms, feathers, cotton balls, googly eyes, elmers glue, tacky glue, mod podge, liquid starch, copy paper , construction paper , wax paper, colored tissue paper, white t-shirts for tie-dye, and Rubbermaid/steralite totes with lids.

Games – lawn games, tabletop games, giant size games and card games.

Sports Equipment – basketball, nerf balls, gator skin balls and a parachute

#4 - Be sure to “follow” your camp on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

When the camp makes a post, be sure to like, love it and share it.
Write online reviews for The Fowler Center.

#5 - When you travel, wear your camp gear.

Take a picture of yourself in front of a landmark in your camp shirt, and send it to the camp office.  They’d love to post it on their social media or in their newsletter.  You also never know what other camp alumni you will see in airports or places around the world!