Because The Fowler Center is an independent non-profit organization not funded by any agency, it is monetary donations which help to keep The Fowler Center running and offering campers the experiences at camp they so look forward to. Sometimes one camper’s enjoyment of his/her time at camp is reason enough for someone to donate to The Fowler Center.

By donating to The Fowler Center you will be investing in the future of individuals with disabilities. It is a promise that their future can be brighter and that they may receive experiences that will enhance their lives and will allow them to grow toward greater independence and happiness. Many people have donated their time or equipment and materials for which we are very grateful.

The Fowler Center provides services to individuals with disabilities that are continually and urgently needed but which cannot be found easily. The Fowler Center contributes to greater social well-being through its emphasis on personal achievement and self-esteem and through providing a caring, safe environment where learning can take place.

Contact Carolyn Watson at if you are interested in planned giving or another means of contributing. We appreciate your support.